Cake with peaches and yogurt!

I think that one simple rule for happiness is to begin your day with a smile, with love and of course with a cake šŸ˜‰

This morning it is time for a low calories peach and cocoa cake. As usual it is without butter and oil, so you do not have to feel guilty eating it.

I really love baking fruit cakes, especially if they contain yogurt inside because they are moist and fluffy šŸ˜‰ 

Let’s start talking about the ingredients that you need:

  • 3 eggs
  • 250gr of flour
  • 150gr of sugar
  • 250gr of nature yogurt
  • 70ml of milk
  • 50g of bitter cocoa powder
  • 1 packet of baking powder
  • 5 peaches in syrup

Start by slicing the peaches and arranging them on the baking pan covered by foil.
Preheat the oven to 180Ā°C.
For the cake, beat in the eggs and the sugar until light, pale and fluffy.
Now add the yogurt and the flour. Mix the cocoa powder in the milk and pour it in the mixture. Finally add the baking powder mixing with a spoon until you get an omogeneus compound and pour it on the sliced peaches. If you want you can also add pieces of peach directly in the mixture.

Bake the cake in a convection oven for 40 miutes, the cover with foil and cook for further 10 minutes. Remember to cool the cake  in the tin before turning into out.  


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