Chocolate crostata filled with jam πŸ˜Š

​The traditional Italian Crostata is a delicious dessert perfect with a hot cup of tea or coffee.

Instead of the usual fresh fruit filling, a crostata is lined with Jam or chocolate cream. Today I decided to bake a particular one adding the cocoa in the dough and filling it with peach jam: a perfect mix of sweetness and flavor.


  • 250g of flour
  • 50g of cocoa powder
  • 100g of sugar 
  • teaspoon baking powder
  • 1 egg and 1 egg yolk
  • 100g of butter softened
  • 300g of jam


  1. In a large bowl, gently whisk together flour, cocoa, sugar and baking powder to create a well in the middle and add slightly beaten egg and yolk and softened butter cut into pieces. 

  2. Mix together, at this point turn mixture onto a slightly floured surface and work the mixture to form a soft dough. 

  3. Wrap in plastic and refrigerate for at least 30 minutes. Remove from fridge, roll out and transfer to a buttered pie plate. Build the edgeof the pie and fill the pastry shell with the jam. Then with the extra dough make strips or decorations as you wish. 

  4. Bake in pre heated oven at 180Β° for 30-35 minutes. Till golden. 


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